Hi! I’m Jamie Kirk, chief sparkie and founder of Your Local Electrician.

Wherever you live on Auckland’s North Shore — from Glenfield to Gulf Harbour, from Castor Bay to Coatesville or from Devonport to Dairy Flat — we’re your local.

The term ‘your local’ typically refers to your favourite pub in your hometown. But it means much more than that. It’s a sense of community, a feelgood factor, a place where people look out for each other.

I grew up in Leicester in England but since I first visited New Zealand in my early 20s, this place has felt like home. When I moved here permanently in 2011 and settled on the North Shore, I knew I’d found my local.

My Dad always told me: “Get some qualifications, then go travel and see the world.” I’m glad I listened to him. My uncle was a plumber and he convinced me I’d make a good electrician. I’m glad I listened to him too.

I did my four-year apprenticeship in the UK with an award-winning company with a reputation for quality workmanship. From an early age the importance of planning and preparation was drilled into me.

A lot of tradies are so busy they rip into a new job with the aim of getting it finished as quickly as possible. That’s not me. I’ve got a very deliberate process that starts with the planning phase. I meet with the client about the job and figure out what tools and materials I need. I also ask a very simple question: ‘Can we do it better?’ I often save the customer time and money by taking time to plan the job.

Since moving to New Zealand, I’ve worked with some of Auckland’s best electrical companies and I’ve learned so much about what to do and what not to do.

For a long time I’ve dreamed of setting up my own electrical company and doing things my way. Your Local Electrician is that company.



Unlike other sparkies, YLE doesn’t cost the Earth.

Most electricians throw their waste from a job into a cardboard box and straight into the bin. We actively recycle whatever we can including cardboard packaging, hard and soft plastic and even old transformers. We also recommend energy efficient solutions where possible.

I’m not a tree hugger but we can all do our bit to save the environment. We can make a difference. We aim to make a difference in your pocket as well. We’re not the cheapest electrician on the North Shore, but we’re not the most expensive either.

We believe …

… in doing a quality job for a fair price.

… in treating our customers with respect.

… the sites we work on should be cleaner when we finish the job, than when we started.

… your electrician shouldn’t cost the Earth.



We’d love to hear from you, no matter how big or small your electrical job is. We promise you’ll get to talk to a real human being, not a robot. We promise to treat you like a person, not just a number. After all, we’re your local. Contact us to find out how we can help with your next project.

Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 5pm

​​Saturday: By Appointment​